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The history of this company goes back to remote times and has had a slowly but progressive transformation handing on from father to son. Born as old activity of ropemakers employed in hemp working and defibration, it has gotten a footing in 1941 with the registration to the Chamber of Commerce and without surrender on progress, it tried to exploit at best the opportunities offered.

At that time Barbieri company has obtained a predominant space in the production of rope and string that the ropes produced were also used on Russian ships. Afterwards, about the year 1960, there was the great veering: the world changed, the automation and the use of synthetic material prevailed over all. To this point, the little family company, took a request of egg conveyor belt as a starting point, bought all the machinery and left in this new adventure.

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Accordingly many things began to change starting from the number of the subordinates which has increased more and more. The production has gradually increased: the only initial production of jute conveyor belts has left space to synthetic and various materials pushing more and more abroad till to export all over the world. Actually are realized above all egg conveyor belts but also belts for paperhangers, cotton bandages, polyester lifting belts and belts for nurseries in accordance with customers’ requirements.

With the belts there are also the ropes used for curtains, and avicultural market.
A very important particularity which distingueshes both belts and ropes is the possibillity to realize them deviating from standard production parameters: the customer can choose materials and colours combination to obtain the personalization of the final product.

The last news regards raw materials: in fact now the Company is also able to produce polypropylene yarns and monofilaments in polyethylene, both can be made in various colours and can be used for the weaving of belts.
In this way we have reached good qualitative levels and we have obtained high resistances and low elongations.
In the vaste product range there is also the manure belt which can be proposed in different thickness and with different types of hole in accordance with our customer's requirements.

These continual changes made sure that the company is actually able to satisfy every individual customers’ requirement. Through careful study of primary materials, high production capacity, constant updating of technology and strict checking of the production process, it supply excellent services with high quality and safe products.

The perfect production planning enables to respect every delivery term and guarantees that the product is perfectly finished within the expected time limits. During the years all that has contributed towards successing of Barbieri S.r.l. not only on national market but above all on international market obtaining important recognitions in the avicultural

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