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Started in 1941, Barbieri s.r.l. has been working in the textile industry for many years and can offer its clients a wide range of belts and ropes.

The company mainly produces belts for egg collection and it is able to offer continuous innovations and products that satisfy each client's specific needs.

Barbieri S.r.l is now able to produce high tenacity polypropylene yarns and poliethilene monofilaments,both manifactured in different colours and used for the weaving of the belts.

Since two years,the range of products has widened thanks to the introduction of the manure belt,characterised by a minimum width of 750mm to a maximum width of 2000mm and thickness available from 0,5 mm to 3 mm,it is realised in white polypropylene with an antistatic and antiUV treatment,all properties that make it an high-quality product and very requested by the customers.

With a great experience in the ropes' field, Barbieri S.r.l. company produces ropes for the avicultural sector,in particular for drinking and feeding systems and they are available in different diameters and materials.

Through careful study, selection of raw materials, high production capacity, rigid checkings of the production process and constant technology updating, this company has become a leader in its sector.

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